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Sree Abiraami CBSE School has always sought to achieve total development of each pupil, with emphasis on learning and co-curricular activities. The School endeavours to ensure that each child receives his/her fair share of individual attention.

At the core our academic program follows the CBSE syllabus along with our own curriculum, i.e. Abiraami Curriculum Pattern- ACP. ACP is planned to prepare each of our student for higher challenges. We have incorporated a wisdom based approach with in a safe and stimulating environment using relevant and diverse learning methodologies. ACP imbibes all the distinctive features and symmetrics which in turn provides activity based and experiential learning in an enthusiastic environment. It aims at triggering the creativity in every child and welcome remarkable achievements through innovations. ACP is encapsulated to enable each child to a confident individual, industrious learner, a highly responsible citizen and an emphatic philanthropist. In short ACP will be a quintessence of curricula which imparts enrichment to the child’s inborn talents.
At ‘Blooms’ we have planned a play way method of learning on the shared principle of stimulating tender wits through quest. This method initiates the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of the “BLOOMS”. We prompt learning by asking questions and diving deeper into concepts. Student friendly educational aids are used to facilitate each child to learn according to their propensity and skill. Facilitators become learning partners as they motivate students to make open ended queries.
"Tell me and I forget
Show me and I remember
Involve me and I understand"

Strategies at BLOOMS

  • Sand sensory play method
  • Alternative learning methods like puzzles, Blocks, Games and rhymes.
  • Maximum usage of smart audio, visual impact
  • Foreign language accessibility which helps to improve English language.
  • Indoor and outlook fall activities for toddlers.
“Childhood is about playing discovering and believing in dreams... the imaginations and possibilities are endless!!”
Our endeavours at ‘Juniors is a continuum of ‘BLOOMS’. Here ACP aims at holistic development of a child in an active and creative learning journey. The curriculum frame work provide bedrock for children from grade 1 to 5. Which quenches their thirst for knowledge through the various lab activities. To confirm the commitment to the board of CBSE, We collaborate our much researched methodologies to ensure excellence.

Strategies of Juniors

  • Experiential learning approach
  • Technology based learning
  • Learn through engaging activities.
  • Play and Learn, Watch and Feel methods for understanding contents.
  • Outdoor learning and field trips for observational and motor skill enhancement.
  • Integrated project learning.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Learn to ask more questions.
  • Self Expressions
  • Excellence in numeracy
  • Colloboration
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
As a succession of our junior curriculum, ABIRAAMI MIDDLE SCHOOL operations are designed with on exotic curriculum. ACP at middle school diligently focus on the domains-Coginitive, Physical, Social & Emotional skill development.


  • Incorporate modern learning techniques
  • Get skilled in written and communicative aspects.
  • Get along with each subject through club activities
  • Inculcate spirit of independence and responsibility
  • Keeps students updated in planning, designing and creating solutions through ethical practices.
  • Inter disciplinary approach of learning through projects
The primary aim of learning support system is to optimize the teaching and learning process in order to enable pupils with learning difficulties to achieve adequate levels of proficiency in literacy and numeracy before leaving ABIRAAMI JUINIOR SCHOOL. This aim can be achieved most effectively through the implementation of whole school policies and approaches that target the special learning needs of the pupils.
The important learning support systems are

Remedial Teaching

Intension of Remedial Teaching is to assist student in order to achieve expected competencies in core academic skill such as literacy and numeracy. Remedial Teaching or compensatory education rectifies lack of preparedness, regardless of why. It really stress on academic upgradation.

Technology Aided Teaching

Supplementary Teaching is meant for the encouragement of learning using additional teaching aids to extend the benefit of fetching information. The other support systems provided for the betterment of abiraamites are
  • Identifying learning needs
  • Early intervention programs
  • Individual attention
  • Pair and Share
  • Individual learning time table
  • Continuous monitoring system
  • Parent teacher inclusive support

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